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Metal Buildings

Mock-up of ImmerSeal in a Roof to Wall Transitional DetailImmerSeal® & ImmerSeal® HD are commonly used in a variety of metal building applications. Because of their unique properties and high strength, ImmerSeal® & ImmerSeal® HD are used for sealing high movement areas on metal building roofing applications such as expansion joints, roof to wall transitions, roof height change details, joints between new and existing buildings, ridge applications and many others including a wide variety of repair applications. Their high movement capability coupled with the fact that both products utilize a high performance silicone adhesive and thus requires NO MECHANICAL FASTENERS, make ImmerSeal® & ImmerSeal® HD ideal products to be used in these applications.


immerseal-hd-logo-hires-sm - Key Benefits in Metal Building Applications

  • Special formulation gives ImmerSeal® HD high strength and high tear & puncture resistance
  • High flexibility and movement capability (200%+) allow ImmerSeal® HD to be used in areas with high thermal expansion.
  • Adheres to metal surfaces using ImmerBond® adhesive to provide a durable, long lasting seal with NO MECHANICAL FASTENERS NECESSARY.
  • 100% silicone formulation provides a long lasting, watertight seal unaffected by UV light and weathering.
  • Ultra low modulus provides high flexibility and allows material to easily bend around corners and conform to various shapes.
  • Green strength of ImmerBond® allows ImmerSeal® HD to be installed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces with no additional adhesion means necessary.
  • ImmerSeal® HD/ImmerBond® system adheres to a variety of metal substrates, including Galvalume®, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, Kynar®, acrylic & siliconized polyester coated and others.
  • ImmerSeal® HD system cost is up to 50% lower than other materials used in the same applications.
  • Installation time & cost of ImmerSeal® HD is much lower than other materials used in similar applications.

Click here for ImmerSeal® HD Metal Building Information Sheet

 ImmerSeal® Roof Expansion Joint
ImmerSeal® HD Installed in a Metal Roof Expansion Joint Application
 Metal roof to wall transition
ImmerSeal® HD in a Metal Roof to Wall Transition Application
 Metal roof expansion joint
ImmerSeal® HD Sealing a Metal Roof Expansion Joint
 Metal roof repair application
ImmerSeal® HD in a Metal Roof Repair Application
 ImmerSeal® Ridge Repair
ImmerSeal® HD used to seal a ridge in a repair application
 ImmerSeal® Roof Deck Hole Repair
ImmerSeal® HD used to repair a hole in a roof deck
 ImmerSeal® Metal Roof Repair
ImmerSeal® HD used to for a metal roof repair at the eave
 ImmerSeal® Leak Repair
ImmerSeal® HD used to repair a leaking metal gutter seam
 ImmerSeal® Metal Roof Ridge Trim Repair
ImmerSeal® HD used in a difficult detail to repair a metal roof ridge trim to rake trim joint