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Green Building

The ImmerSeal®/ImmerBond® System can help can help contribute to a greener building, an issue that is clearly becoming more important to the industry community. Most buildings, both new and existing, have numerous leaks in the building envelope, many of which are in the joint areas. Many of these areas in a building with leaks can be sealed using ImmerSeal®. Once these leaks are sealed, the building is more energy efficient and can realize a significant reduction of heating and cooling costs. In fact, improved energy efficiency and other factors allow ImmerSeal® to contribute towards achieving LEED points and can be an integral part of obtaining LEED certification for either new construction or existing buildings

Once of the key characteristics of ImmerSeal® is its durability and long effective life span. Life-cycle analysis determines the overall cost of a product over time and shows that lower quality products which require frequent replacement will actually cost more over the life of a structure than a high quality, long lasting product like ImmerSeal®. In addition, a lower quality product with a shorter life span will result in significantly more waste, pollution and labor cost than ImmerSeal® when examine from a life-cycle perspective.


Potential LEED Points Obtainable with the use of ImmerSeal®/ImmerBond® System

The ImmerSeal®/ImmerBond® system used in the building envelope of a building may contribute towards achieving LEED points. Based on the standards set forth by the USGBC LEED Rating System 2.2 ImmerSeal® may contribute in the following categories:

Optimize Energy Performance (Energy & Atmosphere Credit 1)

According to the US Department of Energy, up to 40% of the costs to heat and cool a building are consumed due to air leakage through the building envelope. Using ImmerSeal® to seal building expansion joints as well as control joints throughout the building envelope can substantially reduce the amount of leakage, resulting in reduced building energy consumption.

Regional Materials (Materials & Resources Credits 5.1/5.2)

These credits are related to building materials manufactured within 500 miles of the project site location. The ImmerSeal® and ImmerBond® products are produced at the Sealex facility in Harbor Springs, MI, zip code 49740. If the project site is within 500 miles of this location ImmerSeal® and ImmerBond® can contribute to these credits.

Low-Emitting Materials: Adhesives & Sealants (Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 4.1)

The VOC of the ImmerSeal® product is 0 g/L. The VOC of the ImmerBond® product is approximately 60 g/L. As listed in the LEED rating system, version 2.2, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule #1168 requires VOC for Architectural sealants to be less than 250 grams/liter. These products easily meet this requirement. Since ImmerSeal® uses very little solvent during manufacture and the product is cured before leaving the factory, there is no solvent remaining in the fully cured product and therefore the VOC for the product is 0 g/L.

Controllability of Systems: Thermal Comfort (Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 6.2)

Using ImmerSeal® to seal building expansion joints and control joints throughout the building envelope can provide watertight sealing, helping lessen the chance of mold formation in the building. ImmerSeal® also helps seal out uncontrolled air by reducing air leakage at the building envelope joints, thus helping HVAC systems achieve more consistent control of the indoor environment.

Thermal Comfort: Design (Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 7.1)

Using ImmerSeal® to seal building expansion joints and control joints throughout the building envelope can help provide watertight & airtight sealing of the building. This can help the thermal control systems such as HVAC maintain and control a comfortable thermal environment.

Innovation in Design (Innovation & Design Process: Materials and Resources Credit 1)

Using ImmerSeal® conserves resources due to the long life span of the product. This product (or previous versions of the product) has been installed and performing well in excess of 15 years. Compared to other materials used to seal building envelope joints with significantly shorter effective life spans, the ImmerSeal shows a significant cost savings in addition to a reduction in damage to building components and contents as a result of moisture penetration due to failure of sealing systems. The long life span of ImmerSeal® also postpones the need for retrofit work thus reducing energy usage, waste generation and labor cost.