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Weatherproofing has been one of the most common applications for ImmerSeal® over the past 20+ years.  ImmerSeal® is frequently used to seal over existing failed wet sealant joints on a variety of substrates.  A small bead of ImmerBond® adhesive sealant attaches each side of the ImmerSeal® to the healthy substrate, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, economical and long lasting sealing solution.

The same is true in new applications. Do it right the first time!

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Metal Buildings

Mock-up of ImmerSeal in a Roof to Wall Transitional DetailImmerSeal® & ImmerSeal® HD are commonly used in a variety of metal building applications. Because of their unique properties and high strength, ImmerSeal® & ImmerSeal® HD are used for sealing high movement areas on metal building roofing applications such as expansion joints, roof to wall transitions, roof height change details, joints between new and existing buildings, ridge applications and many others including a wide variety of repair applications. Their high movement capability coupled with the fact that both products utilize a high performance silicone adhesive and thus requires NO MECHANICAL FASTENERS, make ImmerSeal® & ImmerSeal® HD ideal products to be used in these applications.

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IG / Window / Door

ImmerSeal® GST is an ultra low modulus, extruded silicone strip designed for use in a variety of applications in window, door & IG manufacturing facilities.  Due its unique properties, ImmerSeal® GST is commonly used for tooling/smoothing hot melt & warm melt butyl, polysulfide & polyurethane sealant.  It is also useful as a non-stick, cushioned liner strip for IG storage racks and is used on gloves or cut as pads for use in handling IG units.

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RV / Cargo Trailer

ImmerSeal® pre-cured silicone sealant is effective in a variety of waterproofing applications in RV & Cargo Trailer manufacturing & repair.  Due to its unique properties, ImmerSeal® can be used for sealing around roof penetrations, sealing roof to wall transitions, and sealing roof and wall seams in RVs and cargo trailers.  ImmerSeal® is also an excellent choice for sealing holes, tears and other repair applications.  ImmerSeal® can be used to seal around RV windows & doors as well as interior applications such as shower enclosures.

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Other Applications

Examples of 3D Molded Products

Examples of 3D/Molded Products

In addition to the ImmerSeal® / ImmerBond® system, Sealex International, Inc. offers an assortment of other products that provide effective solutions in a wide assortment of applications.  These products are available in various materials, shapes and properties.

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